Vehicle Dealerships

At Rex, we work with all different sized businesses. Much of our work is with vehicle dealerships, when temperature controlled conversions are ordered and will be converted before the vehicles are delivered to the customer. From our East Sussex factory we can create large quantities of bespoke fittings based on specific requirements of the dealership.

The technology we have within our factory ensures the quality of vans for future use. By using Rex’s knowledge, expertise & specialist equipment you can be sure of a safe and compliant fleet of vans for your customers. We also have many years of experience and knowledge to help you decide on exactly what you will need.

All of our vehicles are accredited to the required industry standards. No matter which accreditations your customers need to adhere to, we have the solution you need.


If your dealership lies within the new Ultra Low Emission Zone in London, or your fleets of vehicles travel into London, then you’ll need to make sure that all vans meet emissions standards to avoid paying the extra charges. Rex Limited can work with you to make sure all vehicles are ready for the emission zone extension in October 2021.

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If you want to make an enquiry about temperature controlled van conversions for any size of vehicle dealerships or fleet operators, then please get in touch. We can explain the next steps to enable the success and compliance for your vehicles.

Either call us on 01323 379609email us or fill in our contact form and someone will contact you directly.


Charlie Brock

Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales

Darren and the team have been doing our van conversions and repair work for a number of years now.

They understand our industry moves quickly and always ensure that our needs are satisfied whatever the time or day.

Long may that continue and we look forward to working with Rex for future builds and repairs

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