Fixtures & Fittings

Features Based on What You Need.

Our showroom has all the fixtures, fittings, and extras you could add to your van. If possible, we recommend visiting and seeing first-hand how they can enhance your vehicle.

When choosing your bespoke temperature-controlled vehicle, we can advise if there are any extra fixtures or fittings which will benefit you and your business.

If you know of any other fixtures that aren’t listed below, get in touch and speak to us, we’d be more than happy to help.

Fixtures & Fittings We Offer Include

LED Lighting

Can be off the original lights or new cab control independently switched.

Non-Slip Floor

Perfect for freezer vans to aid walking.

Side-Door Lip

2-inch upstand at the door edge to help contain products within the load area. Also suitable for washing the area out.

Chequer Plate Floor

Great for adding extra strength and stability.

Load Lock Restraint

Extra securing points on the sidewalls, bulkhead or floor can also add shoring poles.


PVC curtains great addition to help keep the core temperature within the van, great idea for multidrop companies.


We can add moveable and fixed partitions with thermostats to create a dual compartment within you van.

Data Recorder

To track and trace the temperature in the load space and give your customers a print out showing the temperature the goods are upon delivery.

Bespoke Shelving

We can select shelving to suit your requirements.


Pull down stainless steel handwash facility perfect for any trader handling raw food.

Parking Sensors

No problem to add these to your vehicle as an aftermarket option.

Reversing Cameras

We can install an array of cameras to suit your needs including brake light and surface mounted.

Condenser Pod

Mounted in the roof to hold the refrigeration unit to ensure no extra height is added to the van. We can colour match the pods to suit any colour of van if required.

External and Internal Side Slab Door

This is a must-have for any deep-frozen vehicles, we can tailor the opening to suit pallets and install the slab door internally leaving the side door operable. Thus, making it extra secure and ascetically pleasing.

Modular Rear Doors

Also, a must-have for achieving deep frozen temperatures, manufactured on-site GRP mouldings to suit an array of rear doors.

Safe T Bars

Great addition as a durable and robust step also protecting the rear of the van.

Drain Hole

A must have for any user that wants to wash their load space regularly the drain hole will allow the water to flow away.

Meat Rails

Incredibly useful fitting for butchers who need to transport their produce in a temperature-controlled van.


Darren Sutton

I don't normally give people 5 stars however we have now had 4 vans converted to freezer vans this year, the pandemic meant we needed the vans asap and REX delivered.
Darren gave advice freely, converted the vans within the time quoted and at a very competitive price.

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