ULEZ, LEZ, CAZ and ZEZ – What are they and how do they affect your business?

The government have made their agenda very clear that they are wanting to improve the air quality in our cities. We are all facing increasing pressure to make sure our vehicles are green and even if this is something you feel isn’t affecting your business right now, now is the time to start thinking about it, especially with the ULEZ expansion.

But let’s start off by defining ULEZ, LEZ and CAZ and locating where these zones are.


Ultra Low Emission Zone: it currently exists in the same area as the congestion zone in London but as of October 25th it is expanding from central London to the North Circular Road and the South Circular Road. If your vehicle does not meet the ULEZ standards then you can either look at upgrading to a second-hand vehicle which you can get converted with us at Rex or you can look at going electric, electric vehicles emit no NOx or CO2 from the tailpipe.


Low Emission Zone: If your vehicle does not meet LEZ emissions standards you can retrofit your vehicle or you can invest in reduction technology such as: selective catalytic reduction, converting a vehicle to electric power and replacement Euro VI engines. There is a misconception that installing a filter will allow you to meet LEZ standards but doing this does not guarantee that you’ll meet these standards at all. The LEZ covers most of Greater London. Several places are now introducing LEZ in their cities, including London, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.


Clean Air Zone: CAZ has been introduced across England so we can all breathe healthier and cleaner air. This zone could be applied to a single street or an area of a city. Vehicles that don’t comply with the emissions standard are found by using number plate cameras. There are CAZ in bath and Birmingham, with Portsmouth joining at the end of November.


Zero Emission Zone: in this zone vehicles are subject to restrictions on exhaust emissions beyond those in ULEZ and LEZ. ZEZs will help improve air quality while encouraging people to walk, cycle, use public transport or switch to zero-emission vehicles. The first zone will pilot in February 2022.

So how do you know if you are compliant and where can you find the European emission standard in your vehicle? You can find out if you are compliant by searching your registration on the government website and it will also show any charges applicable; if you want to find your European emission standard for your vehicle you can do so by either looking in your logbook or contacting your vehicle manufacturer.

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