Mercedes Vans Looking at Steep Growth in EV Sales

We all know that electric is the way to go. With the Electric car market growing year on year, it is now the turn of vans. But this has all been a little slower due to the weight and size of vans and the challenges faced with charging them.

However Mercedes Benz Vans have announced in an interview with Van User Magazine that they are planning to rapidly grow their EV market share. “Our aspiration is for 10% of our sales this year to be EVs” said Andrew Lawson, Sales Director at Mercedes Benz vans. “Overall, we aim to sell 36,000 vehicles in 2021, including more than 3,500 EVs. Three quarters of that number will be eSprinter and one quarter e-Vito”

The Government is pushing for the end of petrol and diesel sales by 2030 and Mercedes are totally on board with this; looking at many different options on how to sell to the EV market. All Mercedes dealers now have an EV specialist on site. And Mercedes Benz Vans is working with New Motion, for charging hardware and efficient charging solutions.

Mercedes Benz as well as its dealers have remained on call throughout lockdowns, ensuring businesses could keep going for deliveries and logistics. New van sales dropped by 20% in 2020, which was expected. However, the Mercedes Sprinter was the best selling vehicle in April – which was a great achievement, even outselling the passenger car sector.

The eVito went into production in 2020 with a new longer range version due later this year. They will also be unveiling a new Citan later in 2021 with the launch in 2022, including an EV version. This is expected to make a big impact in the compact van market.

Mercedes are consistently developing new products under the PRO Connect banner, that will come as standard for the first two years of owning an electric van. Including the ability to precondition vehicles whilst connected to a charging point and setting internal temperatures through an App on your phone. As well as this Managers will be able to see how much charge will be available on each van. They have also partnered with Geotab and Webfleet for a full range of management and telematic solutions.

Range is a constant issue with the Ev van market. But we are confident this is being consistently improved upon. Mercedes have announced that by 2023 they will be able to provide a higher mileage range. “E-Grocery is the biggest chassis cab market. We are aiming at 2023 with a higher mileage range and by 2023 we will also see a selection of electric-powered fridges” says James Riddington: Connectivity and Electric Vehicle Manager for Mercedes.

How we can help

Rex Limited are very excited about all the progress that has been made in the EV van market. We are getting many enquiries now for refrigerated electric van conversions, so are keen to see what the big players in the van sector are launching. If you have any questions about the range, mileage or anything else regarding electric vans then please get in touch with us.

Watch this space…


Charlie Brock

Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales

Darren and the team have been doing our van conversions and repair work for a number of years now.

They understand our industry moves quickly and always ensure that our needs are satisfied whatever the time or day.

Long may that continue and we look forward to working with Rex for future builds and repairs

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