Keep Medicines & Pharmaceutical Safe.

Having temperature controlled units to transport and deliver medication is incredibly important in the pharmaceutical industry. Rex can fit specific temperature controlled van conversions for pharmaceutical products, to ensure safe transport and storage.

When transporting medicines and vaccines it is vital to keep them in the correct temperature controlled environment, as they can be sensitive to certain atmospheric conditions. If they are not stored and transported correctly, they could have a fatal or damaging effect when administered to patients.

Temperature Controlled Van Conversions.

Rex Limited specialise in building bespoke temperature controlled vans, suitable for transporting medication and other pharmaceutical equipment. We will adapt and develop your van to suit your needs. Creating dual compartments if required, so different pharmaceuticals can be transported at different specific temperatures. We can also install data recorders to keep track of the temperatures throughout the journey. Slam lock drawers and cabinets giving you extra security can be built within the van. Ensuring security is always to the highest standard.

Look at our Fixtures and Fittings page and find out more about the range of different bespoke fittings we can put in your van.

If you have any questions about any of our bespoke temperature controlled van conversions for pharmaceutical products or any other industry where controlled temperature regulations needs to be met, then please contact us.


Roger Sharratt

Director, Chefspantry Ltd

We would just like to say how impressed we are at Chefspantry with the brilliant service and speed in taking delivery of our 5 refrigerated vans, all 5 vans are beyond our expectations, the finish and detail is great.

Thanks again for getting the vans back to us so quickly, a pleasure doing business with Rex.

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