Frozen & Ice Cream

Transporting Deep Frozen Goods to Your Door.

Delivering deep-frozen goods to customers will require a freezer van. Rex can help grow your business with our temperature controlled van conversions for ice cream and other similar products.

We understand the importance of keeping deep freezing temperatures down to minus 25 degrees. For fast thawing and perishable produce such as ice cream, even on the hottest days. Using our expertise and an appropriate refrigeration unit we will be able to build a van to meet your needs and desired temperatures.

All our vehicles are fully lined and sealed. Ensuring it is easy to be cleaned regularly and will guarantee that all produce meet the food hygiene standards

Temperature Controlled Van Conversions.

Not all freezer vans are converted in the same way. Here at Rex we can build a van to meet your requirements. 

We can include specific features such as slab doors, door seals and curtains. Which all help to maintain temperature during deliveries. We can also include features such as non-slip floors, making it safe and operable from the back of your van. Take a look at our industry fixtures and fittings page.

If you’d like to talk to us about our bespoke freezer vans – temperature controlled van conversions for ice cream, call or email us today.


Ed Johnstone

The Sussex Peasant

Darren and all at Rex offered a truly brilliant service from start to finish. The fridge conversion was immaculate and the job was carried out ahead of time. We will be going back to them with our next van. Would highly recommend.

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