Hazardous Materials

Transporting Chemicals & Hazardous Materials Safely.

Most chemicals and hazardous materials can be harmful to our health. Therefore it is essential to transport them at the correct temperatures. Temperature controlled vans for hazardous materials, chemicals & adhesive are vital for both storage and transport, to ensure safety for all involved.

When transporting products such as adhesives, films, and other harmful chemicals, they can easily be affected by moisture, heat, and humidity if not transported correctly. They can potentially cause dangerous reactions and can have catastrophic consequences. Not only that, the quality would be at risk. So safety is just as important as quality control.

Temperature Controlled Vans.

Whether you require a single or dual compartment conversion, we can tailor the conversion to suit your requirements.  We can provide you with limitless options. From shelving to racking as well as hazardous/chemical warning plates. We can build in additional drain holes which will make cleaning even easier. As well as reversing aids and many other safety features that will make transporting your product safely.

Take a look at our Fixtures and Fittings page. Here you can find out more about the range of different bespoke fittings we can put in your converted van.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about temperature controlled vans for hazardous materials, chemicals or other harmful materials, please get in touch today.


Steve Tripp


Would highly recommend Rex. Great job and on schedule. Quality finish on conversion. Great customer service and knowledgeable staff. Do not look elsewhere if you’re looking to get your vehicle converted.

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