Bespoke Temperature Controlled Vans for Caterers.

The most important part of being a caterer is making sure that your food is served at the highest quality. If you transport your food direct to a customer, or to venues for special events then you will need to use a refrigerated vehicle that is able to keep your food fresh, safe and presentable. Temperature controlled vans for caterers will be used to transport large amounts of food to weddings, balls, conferences and many other events.

By using a refrigerated vehicle, you will know that your food is kept in the best environment possible throughout its journey, making sure that upon arrival, the food is still fresh, appealing to the eye and full of flavour.

Temperature Controlled Van Conversions.

Based on your needs as a wholesaler, we can build a bespoke temperature controlled vehicle with a wide range of fixtures and fittings to help you.

This can include non-slip floors and data recorders, all to make your job as easy as possible. If you’re a wholesaler and looking for bespoke temperature-controlled transport, please also take a look at our industry fixtures and fittings page.

We can convert a brand new vehicle for you into a bespoke refrigerated van. Or perhaps you already have a vehicle and need to either have a new unit fitted. Or maybe even an old one upgraded to meet current emission standards.

If you have any questions about any of our bespoke temperature controlled van conversions for wholesalers or any other industry where controlled temperature regulations needs to be met, then please contact us.


Andy Benson

We were recommended by a friend to use Rex for our van conversion. The service was amazing throughout and Darren and his team were so helpful. Would highly recommend.

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