Safely Delivering & Transporting Meat.

When transporting meat, it is vital for it to remain in a refrigerated environment. So that the product stays fresh, edible and enticing.

Ensuring your produce is delivered fresh to the customer is paramount for food hygiene. Selling contaminated food is not only prohibited but also an unnecessary cost to you and your business.

Temperature controlled van conversions for butchers is an ideal way to both store and transport your chilled produce.

Temperature Controlled Van Conversions for Butchers.

If you are a butcher or transporting meat regularly, you’ll need a bespoke refrigerated van – that’s where we can help.

We can help create a bespoke refrigerated van that will suit your needs. This could include bespoke shelving to avoid cross-contamination, data recorders for customer peace of mind or meat rails to carry carcases.

We can assist with both the wholesaler, high street butcher or market trades man, we have the fixtures and fittings to suit all your needs.

We can convert a brand new vehicle for you into a bespoke refrigerated van. Or perhaps you already have a vehicle and need to either have a new unit fitted. Or maybe even an old one upgraded to meet current emission standards.

If you have any questions about any of our bespoke temperature controlled van conversions for butchers or any other industry where controlled temperature regulations need to be met, then please contact us.


Charlie Brock

Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales

Darren and the team have been doing our van conversions and repair work for a number of years now.

They understand our industry moves quickly and always ensure that our needs are satisfied whatever the time or day.

Long may that continue and we look forward to working with Rex for future builds and repairs

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