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Keeping Your Artwork Safe.

If you are in the world of art you will know the importance of needing a controlled environment for some art pieces and sculptures. Especially the care required during transportation. Rex can design bespoke temperature controlled van conversions for art transportation. Ensuring your artwork can be kept safe and secure, during either movement of the art or for storage.

Older pieces of artwork could have paints or oils which are temperature sensitive. So the quality and value could be at risk if it is not kept in the correct ambience. Moisture, extreme temperatures, and sunlight are all factors that could damage a delicate piece of artwork.

Temperature controlled vehicles are crucial for any art dealer or haulier who transport valuable artwork, sculptures, and antique furniture.

Temperature Controlled Van Conversions.

We design and fit a bespoke temperature controlled unit based on your requirements and specification, to help ensure your artwork, whatever it is, is protected and safe during transportation.

We can fit your van with bespoke shelving, loading restraints, specific lighting and other useful fixtures and fittings. All to help protect and preserve any piece of artwork or sculpture you may be needing to move.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help create bespoke temperature controlled vans conversions and bodies, then please get in touch with us.


Steve Fuller

Great Service from Rex Ltd.
Our van conversion was all completed in just three days and an amazing finish too.

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